The EN 15659 LFS Fire Test

Image of an explosionThe EN 15659 LFS fire test is much less stringent than the EN 1047-1. Filing cabinets are frequently tested to the LFS standard. “LFS” stands for Light Fire Storage, which gives a good indicator of the level of protection offered.

Cabinets that are rated to this standard are perhaps best used for documents considered non-vital as the level of protection provided is not as high as with other fire tests.

During the test, cabinets are fitted with internal thermometers. They are then heated to approximately 945° Celsius. During this time, the temperature inside the cabinet must not exceed 170° Celsius. Cabinets that pass the test will be rated either LFS 30 P (half an hour of protection) or LFS 60 P (1 hour of protection).

Cabinets with this rating will only provide protection for papers and documents. Computer media will not be protected.

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