Sentry Safe U2101 Stackable Fireproof Filing Cabinet

Sentry Safe U2101 Single Drawer FirefileTraditionally, filing cabinets have been offered in 2 drawer, 3 drawer or 4 drawer configurations. But if you’re a home owner or a small business just starting out, you probably don’t need that much storage for your documents. You might even struggle to fill a single drawer of a standard filing cabinet.

The U2101 Fireproof Filing Cabinet from Sentry Safe is perfect for this exact situation. Sold as a single drawer unit, the U2101 features a modular design that makes it possible to stack multiple units on top of each other. In essence, this allows your filing cabinet to grow in tandem with your storage needs. If you find your first drawer is brimming over, you simply add another.

The modular design means you can also choose to redistribute your storage space around the office. Perhaps you need a three-drawer cabinet in one location, with a single drawer unit somewhere else. Or you could have a pair of two-drawer units in separate locations.

The U2101 can be stacked to a maximum of four units high. The storage space it provides is on a par with other similarly sized filing cabinets. Its fire resistance is also equal to traditional firefiles in the same price bracket, offering 30 minutes protection for paper (UL72). The U2101 has also been certified by ETL for its ability to protect data media such as CDs and USB memory pens, providing 30 minutes fire resistance for these items.

Finished in a stylish black colour, the U2101 can store documents either laterally or vertically.

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