Phoenix Excel and World Class: Mixed Media Protection

Phoenix FSDPI09 Media InsertThe vast majority of fireproof filing cabinets are designed to protect large amounts of paper documents. But an increasing number of businesses rely on information that is stored digitally on hard drives, CDs or other digital media.

These items are far more susceptible to heat damage than paper. Many businesses choose to invest in a separate data safe to protect them, but wouldn’t it be so much more convenient and cost efficient if they could be stored in the same filing cabinet as paper documents?

Phoenix’s Excel and World Class filing cabinets offer exactly this. Each can be purchased with an optional data media insert designed to fit perfectly into the bottom drawer. Essentially a thick walled box with a convenient lid on top for easy access, these inserts can hold a surprisingly large number of data items, including CDs, Zip disks, USB drives and DAT tapes.

Most importantly, the protection levels provided by these inserts is comparable to that of a more expensive data safe. Once installed inside the drawer of the filing cabinet, Phoenix media inserts will provide an hour of protection, keeping their fragile contents below 52° Celsius.

Added to this is the convenience of having all your documents, both paper and digital, in a single filing cabinet. This takes up less floor space in your office and is far more efficient than storing them in two separate cabinets in two separate locations.

The Phoenix FSDPI08 Data Insert is available for the Phoenix Excel range. The FSDPI09 Data Insert  is available for the Phoenix World Class Lateral range. Both inserts hold around 72 CDs or up to 368 floppy disks.

Other manufacturers may offer similar products.

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