We Recommend: ChubbSafes Profile NT 2 Hour Fire Filing Cabinet

ChubbSafes Profile NT 4 Drawer 2 Hour Fireproof Filing Cabinet

ChubbSafes Profile NT 4 Drawer 2 Hour Fireproof Filing Cabinet

Fireproof cabinets have been made under the name Chubb for over 80 years. Today, the ChubbSafes brand is renowned for its innovative product design and impeccable product certification.

The ChubbSafes Profile NT Filing Cabinet is no exception, and it is the only fire filing cabinet to be certified to 2 hours fire resistance by both European and American testing houses: SP Technical Research Institute to NordTest or NT FIRE 017-120 Paper standard and Underwriter’s Laboratories to UL 72 Class 350-120.

Paper can endure temperatures up to 177° Celsius before sustaining damage such as charring. During testing, the internal temperature of the cabinet is constantly monitored. If the temperature exceeds 177° Celsius, the cabinet fails the test.

Fire Endurance Test (NT FIRE 017): The cabinet is placed in a furnace, which is then heated over the course of two hours to a temperature of approximately 1090° C. After two hours have elapsed, the furnace is extinguished. The cabinet is cooled with water and examined.

Fire Impact Test (EN 1047-1): This test simulates a building or floor collapse, which can easily occur during intense fires. The filing cabinet is placed in a pre-heated furnace for approximately 25 – 45 minutes. It is then quickly removed and hoisted by crane to a height of 9.1 metres (30 feet). From there, it is dropped onto a bed of rubble. It is then placed back in the furnace and heated for up to 45 minutes once more. Afterwards, it is left to cool naturally.

Explosion Test (UL 72): Sudden rapid heating can very easily cause a filing cabinet to rupture. The explosion test examines the cabinet’s ability to resist such heating. The cabinet is placed in an already hot furnace and left there for 30 minutes. The furnace is then extinguished and the cabinet is left to cool. It is then thoroughly examined for signs of damage, as are its contents. The explosion test is sometimes combined with the fire impact test.


Not only has the ChubbSafes Profile NT been tested to the most stringent international standards, its drawers are individually insulated against fire. This means that even if one drawer is left open, the contents of the other drawers will remain protected.

We recommend the stylish four drawer model of the Profile NT cabinet as it offers the best value for the storage space it provides. When you use the ChubbSafes Profile NT cabinet for the first time, you will notice that every detail has been crafted to an extremely high standard – from the smooth movement of the stainless steel drawer rails, to the stylish black handles.


We are offering the ChubbSafes Profile NT cabinet at a very special price for a limited time only. These cabinets are in stock at our Warrington warehouse and available for delivery and positioning into any room in your building within days. Our experienced delivery team has installed countless cabinets across the UK and we cover the entire country. If you have any special delivery requirements or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 0337 362.