Fireking International Filing Cabinets: World Class Protection

Fireking Fireproof Filing CabinetFireking’s fireproof filing cabinets have a well-deserved reputation as being among the best built products on the market. This is most likely thanks to their strategic decision to only manufacture cabinets that can withstand not just a fire test, but also an impact test as well. Fireking have been producing cabinets to that standard since 1980.

Since they are an American company, Fireking products are usually tested to the Underwriters Laboratory UL 72 fire and impact test. This well known test is considered one of the more stringent in the industry. Each model in the International range carries a 1 hour Class 350 rating from UL.

However, for the 4U2157-VML and 4-2157-VML models, Fireking have decided to seek additional fire resistance certification from the ECB-S. The ECB-S is a pan-European organization of security experts and testing labs. Their testing methods are strict, thorough and rigorous. Products that pass a test in another testing lab often fail the same test in an ECB-S lab. In the case of these Fireking filing cabinets, the test performed is known as the EN 1047-1 (also known as the VDMA 24991).

The EN 1047-1 test is in many ways similar to the UL72. The cabinet is placed in a furnace and heated. Depending on the rating being sought, the cabinet will be left to heat for 60 minutes or 120 minutes (fire endurance test). A second identical cabinet will be rapidly heated for 30 minutes. It is then drop tested onto a bed of rubble from a height of 9.1 metres and subsequently heated in the furnace once more (fire shock and impact).

If either cabinet ruptures at any time during these tests it fails. For filing cabinets designed to protect paper, the internal temperature cannot rise above 170° Celsius during either test.

As well as meeting two international fire resistance standards, the Fireking International range is also perfect for use in any office anywhere in the world. They have been designed to accommodate files and documents of any standard size including A4 and foolscap, and feature a high security lock.

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