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  • Maximum storage, maximum value: Phoenix Lateral Filing Cabinets

    Phoenix Safe’s World Class range of lateral filing cabinets offer terrific value and are a perfect solution for any office. As they are lateral filing cabinets, they can store a huge amount of documents without taking up too much floorspace. In fact, these lateral filing cabinets can store almost twice as many documents as their vertical counterparts.

  • We Recommend: ChubbSafes Profile NT 2 Hour Fire Filing Cabinet

    ChubbSafes Profile NT 4 Drawer 2 Hour Fireproof Filing Cabinet

    Fireproof cabinets have been made under the name Chubb for over 80 years. Today, the ChubbSafes brand is renowned for its innovative product design and impeccable product certification. The ChubbSafes Profile NT Filing Cabinet is no exception, and it is the only fire filing cabinet to be certified to 2 hours fire resistance by both European and [...]

  • A Brief History of the Underwriters Laboratory

    UL logo

    The Underwriters Laboratory, more typically referred to simply as UL, publishes a wide range of standards in the fields of Product Safety, Verification Services, Life & Health, Knowledge Services and Environment. They also perform rigorous testing to ensure products meet those standards, providing consumers with an independent assurance of quality and safety. UL came into [...]

  • Electronic and Fingerprint Locks for Filing Cabinets

    Close up of an electronic lock on a Phoenix filing cabinet.

    Recently, electronic locks have become more commonplace as either optional extras or standard fittings on fireproof filing cabinets. So what benefits does an electronic lock provide over the standard key lock? Naturally, key locking is still the most common method of securing a filing cabinet. It’s tried and trusted technology, simple to use, requires little [...]

  • Fireking International Filing Cabinets: World Class Protection

    Fireking Fireproof Filing Cabinet

    Fireking have a well deserved reputation for building excellent products. Many of their filing cabinets are certified to American standards, but certain models in the International range have also been certified to European standards.

  • Phoenix Excel and World Class: Mixed Media Protection

    Phoenix FSDPI09 Media Insert

    The vast majority of fireproof filing cabinets are designed to protect large amounts of paper documents. But an increasing number of businesses rely on information that is stored digitally. Many businesses choose to invest in a separate data safe to protect digital media, but wouldn’t it be so much more convenient and cost efficient if they could be stored in the same filing cabinet as paper documents?