Delivery & Installation

Our expert delivery team has had experience in installing thousands of safes and cabinets in homes and businesses across the UK. You can be assured that we have the tools, knowledge and skills required to provide fast, efficient and professional delivery.

Free Ground Floor Delivery and Positioning

The price on our website includes free delivery and positioning of a cabinet or safe inside your building, either by ground floor or upper floor by suitable lift. Please note, light items below 65kg are dispatched by standard courier service and so are only delivered to your door.

Choose Your Delivery Date Online

You can choose the most convenient day for your delivery while purchasing online. Simply enter your postcode and we will provide you with a list of possible delivery dates. This convenient service means no more waiting around for an expected delivery. Do you need your safe delivered on a particular date or time other than what's shown on our website? Do you have any unusual delivery requirements such as steps or a hard-to-reach location? Simply call us on 0800 0337 362 and we will do our best to help you.

Order Tracking

Thanks to the latest in stock management and distribution technology, we can track your delivery from the moment it leaves our warehouse. Each of our trucks is fitted with satellite positioning systems and our drivers keep in constant contact by phone. We can tell you exactly where your delivery is at any point along the way.

Secure Delivery

All of our trucks are fitted with features that not only keep deliveries safe from bumpy roads and in-transit damage, but also provide protection against would-be thieves. Each vehicle is fitted with air-ride suspension, while the interiors are padded. Tail lifts, specialist handling tools and load securing systems cater for even the heaviest and most awkward items.

Each truck also features slam action locking to quickly secure its cargo in an emergency. All drivers and crew are CRB-checked and wear full uniform. They are also given driver security awareness training.


Whether it's a simple ground floor drop off or a full installation several storeys up, Veteran Safes' expert Delivery and Installation teams are up to the challenge. Awkward locations are something of a speciality, and all of our crews are fully trained in using the latest equipment such as stair walkers, cranes and hoists.

Our team will manage every point of the delivery process, assessing the final location and the route to it for any obstacles, hazards, difficult access points and other potential issues. Once the route to the final delivery point has been assessed and any potential access problems addressed, the product will be moved using a suitable moving tool. These might include stair walkers or even a hoist system.

Once the product is in its final location, all packaging will be carefully removed.

Stairs Delivery

Our two man teams are equipped with a number of stair walkers and adapted trolleys which will allow us to bring heavy, cumbersome products upstairs.

For straightforward delivery by stairs, we charge the following rates:

  • Less than 300kg: 99 + VAT per floor/part floor
  • 300kg - 500kg: 199 + VAT per floor/part floor
  • Greater than 500kg: call us

Delivery Terms and Conditions

  1. Veteran Safes can arrange delivery to any part of the United Kingdom. The cost of standard delivery to locations on the UK mainland is free. Delivery to locations such as the Scottish Highlands, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland will incur an extra cost. We can also deliver to the Republic of Ireland for an additional fee. Please contact us for more details on these delivery charges.
  2. For deliveries involving elevators, the lift capacity must be higher than the weight of the safe plus 100kg to cover packaging and moving equipment. The lift load capacity is normally marked on a plate inside the lift.
  3. Should we deem a location to be completely inaccessible, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund any payments made.
  4. Standard delivery entails a ground floor drop off and positioning or drop off and positioning on any floor accessible by a suitable lift. Should the use of specialist moving equipment be necessary (such as a crane or stair walker), extra charges may be incurred. We will notify you of this in advance.
  5. Free ground floor and lift delivery is offered only if there is one step or less between the roadside and the room for delivery. There must also be adequate space to manoeuvre the safe or cabinet within the building.
  6. We may not be able to offer free ground floor delivery if there is a long security clearance process (over 30 mins) such as deliveries to airside within an airport. Please consult with us by telephone if this applies to you.
  7. In room positioning is subject to the floor being able to safely bear the weight of the safe or cabinet. This is at the discretion of our delivery team. Normally, this is only an issue in older buildings or if the safe or cabinet is exceptionally heavy (greater than 500kg).
  8. Should you require floor fixing or installation, additional charges may apply. Additional charges may also apply for heavy objects that must be delivered upstairs where no suitable elevator is available.
  9. Stairs delivery policy excludes spiral stairs, uneven steps, exceptionally narrow steps, exceptionally shallow steps, stairs deemed to be unable to safely bear the weight of the item plus stairwalker, or stairs deemed unsuitable for stairwalker delivery for any other reason.
  10. Deliveries involving lock modifications, delivery by stairs and any modification or addition to the base product may cause a delay to the online delivery date. We will call you if this is the case.
  11. Should you require delivery within a specific timeframe or for a particular day, please call us and we will do our best to arrange this for you.
  12. Items on under 65 kg will be dispatched by our standard courier service and delivered to your door only. Single items over 65 kg will be dispatched via our experienced expert delivery team and positioned on your ground floor or by a suitable lift on another floor.
  13. Delivery is generally on working days (Mon-Fri) only. Please ensure that somebody will be available at the given address to accept the delivery. Our courier or Delivery Team will generally contact you when they are en route. If our courier is unable to complete delivery, a card will usually be left for you with instructions for rearranging delivery. Our Delivery Team will pre-arrange a time and date with you.
  14. Predicted delivery dates given on this site are an indicator only and will be met in most cases. However, in certain circumstances, unavoidable delays or other issues may occur meaning we will have to reschedule delivery. If this is the case, we will endeavour to provide at least 24 hours notice. We will not be liable for any form of losses, costs, damage, charges or expenses incurred or caused by delayed delivery.


Should you require installation, extra charges will apply. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of the installation job. Our teams are fully equipped to handle even the most complex of installations, ranging from standard floor or wall fixing to chemical/adhesive installations. Please contact us for more information.

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